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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need two years of a Second Language (Foreign Language) to graduate?

Students do not need a second language to graduate from high school, but most colleges require a minimum of 2 years of the same foreign language for college admission.

Why is Forecasting in March so important for my schedule?
Forecasting choices and the number of students who request a class are a significant factor in which classes we offer and how many sections of that course we will need.  So in the fall, when your student changes their mind about course selections, there is not a seat available for them in the new class. For students to get the best schedule possible, it's important they carefully forecast for their selections each spring.  

Can I change teachers if I do not like someone I was assigned to?
No.  Tualatin High School has an extremelyl talented and dedicated staff; threrefore, it our policy to discourage teacher changes.  We recognize that there may be reasons to request a teacher change. During the semester, if a conflict arises, please schedule and appointment with the teacher to resolve the issue.  If further action is needed, please contact an administrator.  

Does Tualatin offer the Practice SAT?

The PSAT is only given one time each year in October. You can register for the test with the TuHS bookkeeper during fall registration. The test was written for high school juniors, but advanced sophomores and freshman are encouraged to take this test as well.

What if my student is struggling?

If you are concerned about your student's success in a class, please contact that teacher directly.  If you have greater concerns about your student, please contact the school counselor.

Senior Section:

How do I get letters of recommendation?

Students are encouraged to ask Counselors and Teachers early for letters. Please give at least 2-3 weeks notice to a Counselor or Teacher when asking for a letter of recommendation. Recommendations must be submitted through Naviance, once a teacher has agreed to be a recommender, in addition to completing the 'letter of rec' section under the 'About Me' tab in Naviance. Recommendations are officially requested/submitted under the 'Colleges' Tab.

What is a CEEB code? 
The CEEB code identifies students with their high school. The code for Tualatin High School is 381163. SAT and ACT ask for this code in order for your test scores to be sent to the high school you attend.

How do I request Transcripts for admission applications, scholarships etc.?

For a copy of your unofficial transcript, email your school counselor and they can send you an electronic PDF.

Official Transcripts for college applications must be requested through through Naviance, once colleges have been input under the 'colleges I'm applying to' section of the 'Colleges' Tab.

How do I register for SAT I, SAT II or ACT tests? 
Students access to register for SAT and SAT II tests. To register for the ACT, students access There is no limit on the number of times students can take ACT or SAT tests. Consult the web sites for more information. 
***SAT II tests are subject area tests—some colleges require SAT II tests as part of the admission process. To know if a college requires the test, look at the college admission criteria. If you have further questions, you can ask your Counselor.

How do I request Official SAT or ACT Test Scores?

Tualatin High cannot submit not provide official SAT or ACT scores.  To request official scores for college admission requirements, you will need to request them directly from collegeboard or ACT.  To request ACT scores, you will need to create a student web account using the ACT ID Number assigned on your ACT Score Report.  If you cannot find your ACT Score Report, your school counselor can provide that number for you.

How do I find scholarship information? 
Buyer beware—please do not pay for scholarship information. Most groups that ask you to pay for scholarships are frauds.  The TuHS Counseling Website refers to various reliable scholarship search engines.  However all scholarship information that gets sent to Tualatin Counselors gets uploaded to Naviance. Search the list of scholarships in the 'Colleges' Tab.