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Enroll your New Student

What you need to enroll your students:

Access to a computer or tablet,  email account (Don't have an email account? Create a free account through Gmail, Outlook, or another free service)
Proof of age and legal name (Birth certificate or passport)
Proof of Current Address (Utility bill, rental agreement, earnest money agreement)
Current Immunization Records (Certificate of Immunization)

Follow steps 1 to 4 below

1. Complete enrollment forms

Complete Registration Online

Families may also pick up registration material in the counseling office

2. Fill out forms and surveys

The purpose of the Language Use Survey is to help the school determine if your child qualifies for additional Title III support in language instruction for English learners. Title III provides support for English. Required for all students.

This information provided on this questionnaire will help your students Counselor better meet the needs you and your student may have. / Esta información proporcionada en este cuestionario ayudará al Consejero de su estudiante a satisfacer mejor las necesidades que usted y su estudiante puedan tener.

As part of the National School Lunch Program, some students may be eligible for a free or reduced-price lunch. All families wishing to receive free or reduced-price meals must complete a new application each school year. It can take up to 10 days to process an application. Please provide lunch or money for a paid lunch until you receive notice that the application is approved. Any meal charges accrued prior to approval are not reversible. You can print submit forms to school, mail to TTSD Nutrition Services at 6960 SW Sandburg St, Tigard, OR 97223, or choose the online option linked below.

3. Send Forms and Document to Counseling Office- Envíe los documentos

Fillable forms and paperwork can be emailed to the registrar, or fac, 503-431-5640. / Pueden enviar los formularios por correo electrónico a Registrar,, o enviado por fax 503-431-5640.

4. Pick up student Chromebook and set up Canvas and ParentVue accounts

Student enrolling over summer will pick up their device at the beginning of the year. Mid-year transfers: once the student is enrolled and was issued a student ID please stop by the main office to sign out a Chromebook and charger.

If you haven't done so during the online enrollment process, please email to create and activate your ParentVue and Canvas account.

How to enroll your student (English)

How to enroll your student (Spanish)