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Drama Classes

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Theatre Arts I
This course will explore all areas of theater including acting, auditioning, improvisation, production design, and analysis of dramatic literature. Students should be prepared to be active participants in all of the class activities.

Theatre Arts II
This course will include experimentation in staging various styles of theater throughout history. The emphasis will be on individual and group projects in acting, design, directing, and writing. Students may repeat this course for credit.

Advanced Theatre Arts (Teacher Consent Required)
This course will include further production work with advanced projects in acting, directing, playwriting, and production. The course will also explore various careers in communication arts. Students will direct projects for the classroom and the public, and will research various historical and cultural aspects of the theater. This course may be taken for IB credit by special arrangement. Students may repeat this course for credit.

Technical Theatre
This course will expose students to the fundamentals of quality design and construction of all technical elements of the theater. Students may be required to participate in after-school activities as a practical application of the concepts studied in class. Students from this class may become paid technicians upon completion of one semester of successful classroom training.

Media Arts
This course will consist of three primary components. First and foremost, will be the study of radio production and subsequent application throughout the campus station. The second component will be the analysis of classic films from around the world as a means to understanding our culture and others. The third component will be the study of television media, how it reflects on and shapes our culture. Students will be expected to express their understanding of all of these issues, both verbally and in writing. Students will develop competencies for CIM Speech requirements, and foundational skills for the arts and communication Career Pathway

Advanced Media Arts (Teacher Consent Required)
This course will require production involvement and responsibilities in radio and video projects. Film studies will expand with international and a modern independent production focus. Students will create a portfolio to demonstrate their proficiency and may create significant work toward earning an Arts and Communication CAM. Students may repeat this course for credit.