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Health Room and Medication Policy

Tualatin High School Health Room

The Health Room is located inside the Den. The nurse is at TuHS on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Other staff members will be available to support health needs and emergencies during all other days. Students should report to the health room for support regarding injuries, illnesses, chronic illness management, first aid needs, medication, health emergencies, etc. We are unable to provide medications, such as pain medication, to any student without it being provided from home and with proper documentation.

General Medication Policies

Every student must have current medical emergency information on file.  Annually, a Student Profile will be sent home, please verify all information, health conditions or medications, and emergency contacts. If you need to update information, please make changes and return Student Profile to the school as soon as possible.

All medication information must be on record in the Health Room even if your student self-medicates. Those who do self-medicate must have the appropriate forms on file and should only carry the recommended dose for that day in the original container. The self-medication form for prescription medications must be approved by the nurse, administration, student, and parent (if under the age of 15) prior to the student carrying it at school. For prescriptions, we recommend asking for a second empty bottle with the Rx label from your pharmacy. Alternatively, medications will be stored in the health room for administration by a trained staff member--this also requires the original container and the proper paperwork. 
  New medications can be dropped off inside the Den during the school day by a legal guardian or students age 15 or older. To expedite the drop-off process, please complete either the 'medication administration' form OR the 'permission to self-medicate' form included below. Please reference the Administration of Medication Policies document for additional details.

Student Health Forms

Student Health Forms

Pre-Arranged Absence Form
Bullying/Harassment Incident Reporting Form
Medication Administration (English)
Medicine Administration (Spanish)
Permission to Self Medicate Form